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30 03 2013

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How To Survive As A Freelance Photographer In London

22 04 2015

Photo Studio London - photography shoot

Starting out as a freelance photographer can be pretty daunting, especially in a city as competitive as London. There might be plenty of work in the commercial capital of the UK – but there are also plenty of rival photographers. So what will you need to do to not only survive, but thrive, as a freelancer in such an environment?

Freelancer survival tips

One of the huge advantages freelancers starting out today have over those who launched their careers years ago is the Internet. This is the most extraordinarily powerful tool for self-promotion there has ever been. Creating your own website is obvious but once it’s up, you’ll need to draw people to it using social networking. Start to engage with potential clients on LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter – show them who you are and what you can do for them.

Attach a blog to your site and use it to share content regularly – put up some of your best pictures and talk about how you achieved the shot. Write a little about the industry or other photographers who have inspired you. Position yourself as a thought leader or influencer with interesting opinions.

One of the hardest things when you’re starting out is knowing how much to charge. You don’t want to under-price yourself simply to get a job. You need to make enough to live on. But on the other hand, you don’t want to price yourself out of the market and let cheaper photographers walk away with all the work. Two things can help you in this respect:

  • Find out every last detail you can about the job. Don’t get caught by surprise demands at the shoot and when you quote a price, specify exactly what’s included in the price. That way, if the client wants something additional, you can renegotiate your fee.
  • Before you mention any figures, ask the client what budget they have for the project. This can give you a good indication of what you’ll be able to charge.

The no brainers!

There are some things you should be doing without anyone having to point them out to you. These include:

  • Selling pictures via stock photography agencies – it won’t make you a fortune but it can help.
  • If you want to be a professional, act like a professional. Even if you have no work on, spend the full day on marketing or promotional activities, or go out and take some shots for your portfolio. Don’t be tempted to stay in bed watching box sets while you wait for the phone to ring.
  • Follow up on every single message, email and enquiry. Even the most unlikely seeming queries can sometimes turn into decent work.
  • Be proactive in finding work – get in touch with local companies to offer your services, search out blogs that might feature your images, think about the sort of work you want to do and identify potential clients. In other words, chase down what you want – don’t wait for it to come to you.

And most of all, work hard and persevere. It might seem slow at the beginning but if you keep at and do the best you’re capable of, you’ll gradually build up a list of clients and those oh-so-valuable word-of-mouth recommendations.

About the Author:

Headshot London Photography studio in London, UK – consists of a group of professional London photographers. With many years’ of photography experience Headshot London often shares their photographic tips on how to achieve the best results during your photographic session. For more information, portrait, events or corporate photography tips please visit their blog


How to Become a Model

10 08 2014
fashion photography - headshotlondon

Professional fashion photography by Headshot London. All right reserved. Copying or unauthorised distribution will be reported for copyright infringement.

We’re all fascinated by supermodels such as Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne. They make millions and lead jet set lives. But they are quite literally one in a million. However, that’s not to say that plenty of other women and men make a good living as photographic models. But don’t be mistaken, it is an extremely competitive business.   If you think you’d like to be a model and are just starting out, here are some professional tips that might just give you the edge.

Make the most of what you’ve got

Invest time and money in yourself and your grooming to ensure that you always look the best you can. You need to be toned and fit, with a healthy glow to your skin and shiny hair. This will take hours of dedication, every single day, but you won’t get any modelling calls if you allow yourself to run to seed. Personal upkeep is an essential element of the job.

Be realistic in your aspirations

If you have no experience as a model, you’re not going to get snapped up for the Chanel catwalk. Just as in any other profession, it takes hard work to reach the top and only a very few do. You also need to have the rights look for the right job. If you are not tall enough for catwalk work, you might still be able to do well as a catalogue model. And remember, if you have fabulous legs or beautiful hands, you can build a career on modelling just a certain part of your body.   There are various different types of modelling. Take a look at the list below to see if one of these might be right for you:

  • catwalk models are usually at the extreme end of tall and skinny, with small chests
  • lingerie models, however, need larger breasts but are still expected to be slim without being bony
  • if you are more curvaceous, you could consider plus size modelling
  • promotional models need to charm and interact with members of the public at trade shows and events
  • editorial models don’t need to be so tall but need a beautiful face and a personality that shines through in pictures
  • you might also find work as an alternative model — if your looks are in some way striking you could be used for more avant-garde work


If you want to be a professional model, behave like one

Looks maybe everything in the world of modelling but remember there are thousands of pretty girls and ripped guys out there. You can add value to your brand by building a reputation for professionalism. Always arrive on time, if not early; do whatever is asked of you with a smile; be sure to give 100% whole way through the shoot, no matter if you’re tired or bored. In short, if you’re a pleasure to work with, you’re more likely to get repeat bookings. And make a point of building a professional relationship with the photographers you work with — they can often influence which models are chosen for a job.

Start building your portfolio

Before you even approach an agent, you’ll need to prepare a basic portfolio. Agents and potential clients will want to see a range of photos — head shots, body shots and profiles — to get a clear idea of what you look like. It’s your calling card, showing yourself off as a blank canvas with which they can work. These pictures should be your first investment in your career. They do need to be taken by professional photographer, who will be able to bring out your full potential. If you already have some professional experience, choose the best pictures you have to add to your portfolio. Aim to build a collection of photos that are varied enough to show your versatility. Your portfolio should also contain your contact details and your basic statistics — height, weight, body measurements and shoe size.

Find an agent

Once you’ve created your portfolio, the hard work starts. Don’t expect to get a ‘yes’ from the first agent you approach. You will probably wear out a lot of shoe leather before you are taken on to an agent’s books. However, you can increase your chances by doing your homework. Research model agencies in your area and, if you are interested in a particular type of modelling, seek out agencies that work in that field.   Part of your homework should be to make sure all the agencies you approach are genuine and professional. Model agencies take a commission of your fee for each job they send you on — if they ask you for a substantial sum of money upfront, it is more likely to be con. Don’t get involved with agencies like this.   Once you’ve earned your first job as a model, you’ve got your foot on the first rung of the ladder. It will be a long climb to the top — you will need to be determined and hard-working. And of course, not everyone who tries will make it as a model but if you do, it’s an exciting career that can pay well.


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Photography Studio To Hire In East London & The City

23 05 2013
Photo Studio London - photography shoot

This picture belongs to Headshot London Photography. Any republishing without authorisation is Theft and is Copyright Infringement. Anyone re-publishing this image will be reported to Google.

Are you a professional photographer or a videographer and looking for a sleek professional photography studio to hire in the centre of London or in East London? If yes, then check out our professional photography studio available for hire in East London – Shoreditch – PhotoStudioLondon. The studio features all white environment with wooden floors, make-up / changing area, retouching desks, professional equipment and more!

Recent photo shoots have seen a number of high profile celebrities, comedians, musicians and a lot more. Visit or onsite photography blog for more information and recent news.

As it happens we are also running a 1-2-1 photography lessons for all levels of DLSR camera users & photographers. So, have a look around the Photo Studio London website for more information. Oh! and also don’t forget to check out our latest posts written to help you to learn and gain a better understanding about portrait, fashion & commercial photography.

Stop Legalised Photography Copyright Theft

23 05 2013

We have recently written a blog post on our site called ‘Stop Photography Copyright Theft‘ and launched a social campaign to raise an awareness about the law that is about to come in to power allowing legalised theft of creative imagery without needing owner’s permission. We still need around 70,000 signatures and already have 30,000. When it hits 100,000 signatures the law will be reviewed rather than just rushed passed through the legislative process.

The petition is located here and takes less than 1 minute to sign up to: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/49422


31 05 2012

Glamour photography has come a long way since the stiff and formal sepia-toned nudes of the Victorian era.  Hugh Hefner caused a revolution with his launching of Playboy magazine in 1953, and since then society has become inured to photographs of naked and scantily clad women, so ubiquitous are images of the female form.  Nowadays nobody is shocked by glamour shots, but there is still an appreciative audience for beautiful photographs that celebrate the female form.


The Definition of Glamour Photography

For most people, glamour lies somewhere along the same spectrum as fashion photography; however, generally speaking, glamour images are not shot to promote clothes or product but are actually about the beauty of the human body.  Levels of nudity vary, from full, explicit nakedness to more modest nude shots, strategically composed to hide strategic parts of the body, to pictures of models in lingerie or other scant items of clothing.  The tone can range beautiful and artistic to humourous to straight forward titillation, and this will make a difference to where the images are likely to be published.  The most popular mainstream men’s magazines look for pictures that are super-sexy but on the whole not too explicit – often featuring celebrities who may not be willing to expose everything for the camera.

Techniques for a successful glamour shoot

Like any form of photography, a good glamour photographer knows some tricks of the trade.  Master some of these basic techniques, combine them with a creative eye and you’ll by delighted by the resulting images – as will your model.

  • Plan your shoot carefully beforehand – discuss with your model what you want the images to be like: how much, if anything, will she wear; options for the background; props that might feature; and most importantly the overall tone of the pictures.  The shoot is more likely to be successful if both of you are aiming for the same thing.  Of course, if she’s paying you to take the photos, these choices will be up to her but you can always make suggestions and give guidance if she’s unsure.
  • Do all you can to relax your model prior to and during the shoot as this will make her poses appear more natural.  If she is feeling self-conscious or up tight, this will translate into stiff, rigid body language – and the result will be a photo with little or no sex appeal at all.  Make sure the studio is warm enough or, if you’re shooting on location, be sure that she will have a robe to slip into between shots and do everything you can to maintain her modesty and privacy.  For obvious reasons, it’s not a good idea to try and stage a glamour shoot in a busy public area.
  • Make sure the lighting is appropriate.  Soft focus or diffused lighting is most usually used to avoid over-exposure, as the skin’s surface can be highly reflective.  Contrasting light and shadow can be very effective and shadows can provide modesty for the model or be used to create contours on the naked body.  Filters and diffusers are worth experimenting with to create a hazy, romantic feel that can blur out skin imperfections.  For more modest models, try taking a backlit image – for example, ask them to stand silhouetted in front of a strong light, such as a window.  This will allow you to show the shape of the body without revealing the details; it can be a good way of adding a little mystery to the portrait.

  • Consider the composition carefully – what postures will you ask your model to hold?  How will this work with the surroundings and backdrop?  Make sure you take a selection of landscape and portrait shots to allow maximum flexibility in their later use.  The composition will directly translate into the mood of the picture – do you want your model to appear relaxed, provocative or athletic?  Choose her poses accordingly.
  • Spend time on post production.  Using image manipulation software, you can adjust the colour, brighten or darken the image, remove imperfections and enhance your model’s best features.

Over the last couple of decades, nude photography has shaken off the seedy image of yesteryear, and in today’s world glamour photography is big business.  To be successful in this field, not only do you need the technical skills that all professional photographers have, but you also have to be good with people.  The most successful practitioners of the art are those who can put their model at ease and coax the best out of them without making them feel intimidated, uncomfortable or scrutinised.  For this reason, more and more women are coming into the field as they are less intimidating to female models – but male or female, if you’re easy-going and get on well with people, glamour photography could be the area for you.

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What Headshots are for?

10 05 2010

1. Entertainment Industry
In the entertainment industry headshots are used by the actors, singers, dancers and musicians for castings and auditions. They upload them onto spotlight, equity or casting call pro websites for casting directors to find them. Alternatively, they get an agent to then in turn find castings for them. Whenever suitable casting is on, the agent will send actors headshots to the casting director for consideration.

In the UK headshots are 10×8 spotlight format and are usually black and white. In the USA they are in colour. There several different types of headshots for actors: commercial, theatrical, studio, natural.

2. Corporate Industry
In corporate industry headshots are used for different and varied purposes. Many businesses hire photographers to do their headshots for their websites, press releases, articles in the magazines or national newspapers and book covers. People and clients in general like to know what the business is about and who is behind it, by giving it a personal touch companies / business individuals hope to introduce themselves better to the public. They are called corporate headshots.

Corporate headshots are in colour with business professional dressed in formalwear. Depending on the usage, corporate headshots could be natural (against white background mug shots), studio (studio and more creative), outdoor (shot outside) and artistic (creative).

3. Employment
Professional Headshots could also be used to apply for employment. Many upload their headshots to online profiles on job websites in order to attract more attention to their CV or profile.

4. Modelling
Models photograph modelling headshots / beauty headshots to put in their modelling portfolios or on to their comp cards / z-cards. Modelling headshot shows off their skin and allows the viewer to see model’s face, skin and features much better.

Visit our Actors Headshots photography Page for more information

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Perfect Actors Headshots

15 12 2009

Perfect Actors Headshots:

Getting the right headshot is crucial! This is the only chance you may have to land that role you were dreaming about. Quite a few times we ve had actors who were not happy with their headshots after they had their session with someone else. They went for the cheapest or someone they knew. It is may be a good idea for your personal session but not when it comes to professional headshots with a professional headshots photographer.

Make sure before you choose your photographer – conduct your research, i.e. look around at photographers portfolios and see what their reputation is like. If you like it, then give them a call and have a chat about what roles you would like to audition for and when. So remember – photographer’s portfolio is very important!

Before you photography session make sure to have a lot of rest and drink plenty of water to make sure you don’t look tired and you skin is good. Do not worry about your spots or blemishes, professional photographers can retouch them out of the image and no one would be able to tell if they were there in the first place. Remember – all you need to do is to feel comfortable on the day. Easy to say…yes, it is actually quite easy if you tell yourself you are having a day off and going out with a bunch mates to have fun! Well, I guess you cannot programme yourself but seriously – just relax and have fun…. we don’t bite:-)  Also remember this photography session is for you and it all about you! We know what we are doing and we make sure we are doing it very well!

Actors Headshots Photography Studio in London, UK
Tel: 07940 444 641

JPG Magazine: Beauty – Porcelaine Doll idea

22 06 2009

JPG Magazine: Beauty – Porcelaine Doll idea
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Headshot London Launches NEW Corporate Photography Website

7 06 2009

Business Photographer London, EC2

Headshot London Photography has become one of the most respected and popular photography business’ in London. So popular that we decided to seperate our services.

We have now opened our local ‘city of London’ office to better serve our corporate customers. Our move from Shoreditch to the square mile  in EC2 will allow us to be on the spot when we are needed.

Our corporate clients range in sector from Finance, Insurance, Energy, Publishing, Management, Legal, HR, Television, Fashion, Architecture and much more. Commissioning us for various assignments throughout London and the UK;

Business Photographer Website is designed to serve the City for the following Services and More: Annual reports, Corporate PR, Marketing materials; brochures, catalogues Websites, Online marketing and press releases.

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Corporate PR Photographers in the heart of the City of London

1 06 2009


Getting right PR for your business is important if not critical in the current economic climate. Image is everything and therefore getting the right message about yourself, your company and your services to your target customers has never been as crucial as it is now.

Being a small, medium or a large business in the city does not mean you should spend thousands of pounds on promoting yourself. Therefore a simple professional corporate photography session could be the right step forward to getting your image and the right message to your customers. Those professional shots could then be used for all kinds of purposes.

First they could be sent to local newspapers or magazines together with the latest news and developments about your company. If the media is interested in your company, those professional corporate headshots could also then be used along with an interview you are approached to give.

Internet marketing rapidly increases competition between businesses, which means millions of potential customers turning to online shops and services for convenience, research and better deals. Therefore, secondly, having the right website with the right imagery portraying professional staff, products and services could help to deliver the right message to your target market and potential customers.

Smaller businesses also need to network a lot on and off the Internet in order to inform potential clients about their services, therefore corporate portraits could also be used for online profiles.

Corporate headshots for CVs are being increasingly important nowadays in some industries as they make your CV look professional. Hence looking good and portraying the right image and personality could increase your chances of getting that job.

To sum up, using professional corporate photography services will help your business to succeed and most importantly it could help you to survive.

If you are in the City of London, then do not hesitate to give us a call, as we are located next to the Bank station.


For more information and our online corporate headshots and PR portfolio please visit Corporate Photographers website


Headshot London Photography
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Fashion Photography Session -What to look out for / What is included (advise)

10 02 2009


What to look out for prior to the session:

When looking for a professional photographer, first have a look around and see whose photographer’s portfolio and style you like the best. Have a look around their site for prices, what is included in your session, frequently asked questions, and of cause for the style of images that are displayed on the website.

Once you are happy with everything you have seen and want to go ahead with booking your session, give your chosen photographer a call to see if and when they have a free booking slot available for you.

Be careful when you are calling the number from an advertisement. On several occasions we had to report inappropriate advertisements that were claiming to be us and were displaying our imagery, but had no association with us whatsoever. So, always call a number from the website and not from the advertisement you just read.

Also, be careful, when booking a session with a make-over studio. They usually have professional sales teams working for them making cold calls and hard sales. Many claim that you have won a free photo shoot, with free make up. Then charge you just a nominal fee (which many claim will be refunded). Once you went their conveyer belt and had a photography session, the next step is that an experienced sales person will try and sell you all the images for thousands of pounds, charging around £70 for each image taken.

One more thing – If you are just starting in modelling, it is very important prior to the shoot to visit an agent. See what they say and if they like you.
Most agencies will accept you if they like you without a professional photography session. All they need is a snap shot of you that they usually take there and then. After they sign you, they will send you around to different photographers for test shoots – which will help you to build your portfolio.
We therefore, advise you to speak to your agent prior to the shoot! This is not a discouragement – we work with agents in the modelling industry who already have particular jobs in mind for their clients. However, they are not able to put the girls/boys forward for the shoots without a portfolio. They therefore send them to us. This is also common but with reputable agents.

However, if it is simply a session for yourself or your loved one, then skip the previous advice and read on about what the photography session usually consists of.

There are several things that you should expect from the Fashion Photography session you book with Headshot London Photography:

First, on the arrival we are going to have a little chat with you about the required style you are after. We will also have a look through some images that you might have brought with you that inspired you to have a photo shoot in the first place… and naturally coffees, teas, water and other soft drinks will be offered

Second, is clothes styling. It is always a good idea to bring a lot of changes with you, i.e. tops, bottoms, shoes, dresses, etc… and a lot of accessories too! We will have a look at all the clothing you brought with you for the shoot and will help you to style them.

Third, is the make-up and hair styling. We have several make-up artists working for us on a freelance basis. All our fashion sessions include their services. Depending on the length of the shoot, several make up applications will be done during the day. Full day portfolio will have at least 3 or 4 different make-up applications and at least 3 or 4 different hairstyles if required.

Fourth, after all the preparations we start with the shoot! We have many sets and backgrounds and ideas, as well as the outside area, which should give a great diversity to the shoot.

Full day portfolio should consist of :

Full day modelling portfolios  should include at least 4 different styles:

1. Beauty – to show your skin and hair
2. Underwear/Bikini – to show your body shape
3. Fashion – to show your diversity
4. Commercial – to show your diversity and the character

After the session:

1. All our sessions are all-inclusive, i.e. one package and no other costs involved.
2. After the session we will put all the images taken (minus the edits) in your private online gallery on our website, usually within a day.
3. Email you and your agent the link to your online gallery
4. You can have a look at all the images and then send us the codes of the images you would like us to retouch and also if you would like any of them to be in Colour or Black and White.
5. Half day session usually includes 5 (worth £300) free retouches and full day includes 10 (worth £600). Any additional image retouches are charged at £60 each.
6. All images retouched to the highest quality:
• Spots/Blemishes removed
• Colour adjustments performed
• Nip-tuck (if requested)
7. We usually send you a CD within a week after your session.
8. The CD will include
• Retouched portfolio images
• All the images from the photo shoot
• All images are high resolution and ready for printing

On a final note:

We hope you will find this information useful and it will give you a general idea of what to expect and what to do when getting ready for your fashion photography session.

For more information please visit our Fashion Photographers page.

(c) All rights are reserved by Headshot London Photographers at http://www.headshotlondon.co.uk

Get your Corporate Headshot

15 12 2008

Corporate Photographers

Corporate Photographers


Everybody is talking about credit crunch and many already started feeling its effects.  Media all over the world shouting the news about unemployment, crushing businesses, financial market failures, etc. Therefore many had to step up their game and had to rethink their marketing strategies to survive. Looking good, professional and up-to-date has never been as crucial as it is now.


Businesses have been investing in headshots for a while now as they recognise the need to look professional.


What is a Corporate Headshot?

For those who do not know what a Headshot is: “A headshot is a 10 x 8 (inches) image and is very similar to a portrait or a ‘mug shot’. 10 x 8 is a measurement and the size of an image. It commonly includes head & shoulders, and focuses on the face of the person”.


Corporate Headshot is somewhat similar to Actors Headshot but it is done in colour and has to look more natural, showing a person as they are. Men usually are wearing suits and women are dressed smart in an office-like manner.


Corporate Headshot should provide a glimpse into the person’s character and reflect friendly, trustworthy and approachable personality.


Many business professionals and businesses use headshots for: Annual reports, Corporate catalogues and advertising, Company publications and websites, Corporate PR (on and offline), Press Releases, Online catalogue/shop/website, Corporate brochures, Mail Order Catalogues, Marketing Literature and advertisements, Product Packaging.


Headshots are becoming more important in the business world. Latest developments on the market suggest that many corporate employers nowadays are asking their potential employees to submit their Headshots when they are applying for a job.



Therefore turning to the industry professional corporate photographers is important. It is true, as we all know that quality matters! Invest in quality and get a better chance of success by attracting more attention of your potential employers and customers.



(c) All rights for this article belong to Headshot London Photography

London Photographers at http://www.headshotlondon.co.uk
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Top London Actor Agents recommended by British Theatre Guide (Large and Small)

19 11 2008

June Abbott Associates
The Courtyard
10 York Way
King’s Cross
London N1 9AA
Phone: 020 7837 7826
Fax: 020 7833 0870

Acclaim Actors Agency
2nd Floor
145-157 St Johns St
London EC1V 4PY.
Tel: 020 8317 7925.

Actors File
61-71 Collier Street
London N1 9BE
Phone: 020 7278 0087
Fax: 020 7278 0364

Julian Belfrage Associates
Adam House,
14 New Burlington Street
London W1S 3BQ
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7287 8544
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7287 8832

Lucy Bigland
192 Portnall Road
Carlton Vale
London W9
Phone: 020 8960 9553

Blackburn Sachs Associates
88-90 Crawford Street
London, W1H 2BS.
Tel: 020 7258 6158
Fax: 020 7258 6162

Sheila Bourne Management
Bridge House
Three Mills Island Studios
Three Mill Lane
London E3 3DU
Phone: 020 8215 2150
Fax: 020 8215 2159

Michelle Braidman Associates
3rd Floor Suite
10-11 Lower John Street
London W1R 3PE
Phone: 020 7437 0817
Fax: 020 7439 3600

Alan Brodie Representation Ltd
211 Piccadilly
London W1V 9LD
Phone: 020 7917 2871
Fax: 020 7917 2872

Barry Brown & Partner
47 West Square
London SE11 4SP
Phone: 020 7928 1229
Fax: 020 7928 1909

Brunskill Management Limited
Suite 8a
169 Queen’s Gate
Tel 020 7581 3388
Fax 020 7589 9460
email: contact@brunskill.com

19 Denmark Street
Phone: 020 7497 0448
Fax: 020 7240 7384

Campbell Associates
4 McKiernan Court
Shuttleworth Road
London SW11 3DY
Phone: 020 7228 3694
Fax: 01428 741648

Roger Carey Associates
7 St George’s Square
London SW1V 2HX
Phone: 020 7630 6301
Fax: 020 7630 0029

Castaway Agency
Phone: 020 7439 7414
Fax: 020 7287 2202

Sandra Chalmers-Narrow Road
22 Poland Street
London W1V 3DD
Phone: 020 7434 0406
Fax: 020 7439 1237

Chatto & Linnit Ltd
123a Kings Road
London SW3 4PL
Phone: 020 7352 7722
Fax: 020 7352 3450

Shane Collins Associates
39/41 New Oxford Street
London WC1A 1BH
Phone: 020 7836 9377
Fax: 020 7836 9388

3rd Floor
2 Conduit Street
London W1R 9TG
Phone: 020 7629 6464
Fax: 020 7355 1084

Curtis Brown Group Ltd
Haymarket House
28-29 Haymarket
London SW1Y 4SP
Phone: 020 7393 4400
Fax: 020 7393 4401

David Daly Associates
586 King’s Road
London SW6 2DX
Phone: 020 7384 1036
Fax: 020 7610 9512

Dalzell & Beresford Ltd
26 Astwood Mews
London SW7 4DE
Tel: +44 207 341 9411
Fax: +44 207 3419412

Hilary Gagan Associates
2nd Floor
Gloucester Mansions
140A Shaftesbury Avenue
London WC2H 8HD
Phone: 020 7240 7344
Fax: 020 7240 7377

Noel Gay Artists
Phone: 020 7836 3941
Fax: 020 7287 1816

Green & Underwood Ltd
2 Conduit Street
London W1R 9TG
Phone: 020 7493 0308
Fax: 020 7355 1084

Jeremy Hicks Associates
12 Ogle Street
London W1P 7LG
Phone: 020 7636 8008
Fax: 020 7636 8880

George Heathcote Management
58 Northdown Street
London N1 9BS
Phone: 020 7713 6968
Fax: 020 7713 6959

Hobson’s Artists
62 Chiswick High Road
London W4 1SY
Phone: 020 8747 8326
Fax: 020 8742 1511

Oxford House
76 Oxford Street
London W1N 0AX
Phone: 020 7636 6565
Fax: 020 7323 0101

Trevor Ingman
29 Whitcomb Street
London WC2H 7EP
Phone/Fax: 020 7930 4442/1

Chuck Julian Associates
Suite 51
26 Charing Cross Road
London WC2H 0DH
Phone: 020 7437 4248
Fax: 020 7240 1296

18 Elliott Square
London NW3 3SU
Phone: 020 7586 5867
Fax: 020 7586 1583

London Management
2-4 Noel Street
London W1V 3RB
Phone: 020 7287 9000
Fax: 020 7287 3036

MacNaughton Lord Representation Ltd (MLR Ltd)
Douglas House
16-18 Douglas Street
London SW1P 4PB
Phone: 020 7834 4646
Fax: 020 7834 4949

Ken McReddie Ltd
91 Regent Street
London W1R 7TB
Phone: 020 7439 1456
Fax: 020 7734 6530

MPC Entertainment
MPC House
15-16 Maple Mews
Maida Vale
London NW6 5UZ
Phone: 020 7624 1184
Fax: 0202 7624 4220

Malone & Knight Associates
26 Wellesley Road
London W4 4BN
Phone: 020 8994 1619
Fax: 020 8994 2992

Andrew Manson Personal Management
288 Munster Road
London SW6 6BQ
Phone: 020 7386 9158
Fax: 020 7381 8874

Markham & Froggatt Ltd
4 Windmill Street
London W1P 1HF
Phone: 020 7636 4412
Fax: 020 7637 5233

Marmont Management Ltd
Langham House
308 Regent Street
London W1R 5AL
Phone: 020 7637 3183
Fax: 020 7323 4798

Billy Marsh Associates
76A Grove End Road
St John’s Wood
Phone: 020 7449 6930
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Scott Marshall Partners Ltd
Suite 9
54 Poland Street
London W1F 7NJ
Tel: 020 7432 7240
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Marina Martin Associates
12-13 Poland Street
London W1V 3DE
Phone: 020 7734 4818
Fax: 020 7734 4832

Mint Management
Tel/Fax: 0207 732 1657

William Morris Agency (UK) Ltd
1 Stratton Street
London W1X 6HB
Phone: 020 7355 8500
Fax: 020 7355 8600

Niccam Management Ltd
9 Coptic Street
London WC1A 1NH
Phone: 020 7436 2248
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Peters Fraser & Dunlop
Drury House
34/43 Russell Street
London WC2B 5HA
Phone: 020 7344 1010
Fax: 020 7836 9544

RBM Actors
3rd Floor
68 Victoria Street
London SW1E 5LB
Tel: 020 7630 7733
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John Redway Associates
5 Denmark Street
London WC2H 8LP
Phone: 020- 7836 2001
Fax: 020 7379 0848

Tim Scott Personal Management
Unit 5
The Cloisters Business Ctre
8 Battersea Park Road
London SW8 4BG
Phone: 020 7978 1352
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Seifert Dench Associates
24 D’Arblay Street
London W1V 7FH
Phone: 020 7437 4551
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Vincent Shaw Associates Ltd
Vincent Shaw Associates Ltd
51 Byron Road
London E17 4SN
Tel – 020 8509 2211
Fax – 020 8521 1588

Speak Limited
59 Lionel Road North
Phone: 020 8758 0666
Fax: 020 8758 0333
Email: info@speak.ltd.uk
Web: http://www.speak.ltd.uk

The Spotlight
7 Leicester Place
Phone: 020 7437 7631
Fax: 020 7-437 5881

Paul Spyker Management
1-2 Henrietta Street
Covent Garden
London WC2E 8PS
Phone: 020 7379 8181
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Stage Centre Management Ltd
41 North Road
London N7 9DP
Phone: 020 7607 0872
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Richard Stone Partnership
2 Henrietta Street
London WC2E 8PS
Phone: 020 7497 0849
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Talkback Management
36 Percy Street
London W1P 0LN
Phone: 020 7631 3940
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Thomas & Benda Associates Ltd
Top Floor
15-16 Ivor Place
London NW1 6HS
Phone: 020 7723 5509
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Conway Van Gelder Ltd
3rd Floor
18/21 Jermyn Street
London SW1Y 6HP
Phone: 020- 7287 0077
Fax: 020 7287 1940

Suzann Wade
9 Wimpole Mews
London W1G 8PB
T: +44 (0)20 7486 0746
F: +44 (0)20 7486 5664

Voice Shop
1st Floor,
1a Devonshire Road,
London W4 2EU
T: +44 0(2)0 8742 7077
F: +44 0(2)0 8742 7011
E: maxine@voice-shop.co.uk

Waring and McKenna Ltd
11-12 Dover Street, Mayfair
London W1S 4LJ
tel +44 (0)207 6296444
fax +44 (0)207 6296466
E: dj@waringandmckenna.com


*For Professional Actors Headshots please visit Headshot London Photography at http://www.headshotlondon.co.uk

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Gift Certificates for Professional Photography Sessions in London

8 11 2008

Winston Churchill said: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Giving a photo shoot is something that remains in the heart for longer than our memories; it launches careers and keeps us ever young. Why not make someone’s’ day a little more fashionable, glamorous and of course fun too? 

Gift Certificates Gifts are posted to the delivery address within 3 days (postage permitting).  

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Useful Links for Singers

31 10 2008

Useful Links for Singers:


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Useful Links for Dancers

31 10 2008

Useful Links for Dancers:

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Useful Links for Actors

31 10 2008

Useful Links for Actors:


For a list of Drama Schools:



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Useful Links for Modelling

31 10 2008

If you want to get into modelling, then check out these networking sites:


Here you can meet photographers that are updating their portfolios and need test shoots, apply for castings, participate in forums, get a lot of advise on how to start your career and on your work, and last but not the least also meet other members.

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Top UK Modelling Agencies – Commercial and Fashion

31 10 2008

Good FASHION Modelling Agencies in the UK:


COMMERCIAL Modelling Agencies in the UK:

cosmicmodels.co.uk (new agency)

To be continued….

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Should They Kill a Dream?

31 10 2008

Fashion Photographers

Fashion Photographers


If you are an aspiring model, then read on and we hope that our advice will help you in the future.

We do not want to join the ranks of photographers who happily mislead young wannabe models by implying that they need a professional modelling portfolio before they go to an agency. Those portfolio shoots could cost between £600 and £2500, lining the pockets of photographers who prey on the uninformed.

Instead we advise:

First – If you are genuinely looking for a modelling agency, you only need a very simple picture of yourself. Most agencies will accept that if they are interested. All you need to do is take a simple shot professionally or using your own camera and submit it to the agencies of your choice. This is standard practice.

Second – Once an agency signs you — based on your very simple photograph, the agency will send you out to ‘test’ with their chosen photographers. This will create a portfolio and is standard practice. You therefore will build a portfolio of images free of charge. The photographers get new looks to shoot and you get a shot for the portfolio. It’s been like that for longer than you’ve wanted to be a model!

Our simple advice is to speak to an agency before you approach us or any other photographer. Be careful, look up the model advisory service for your country or area and above all, be realistic. Girls should be at least 5’7″ tall and size 8-10 and guys should be at least 6’ tall if you’re looking for a role in fashion. If you can’t find an agency to take you on, it might be that you are chasing a dream and spending more money on portfolios, will not help.

Useful websites for aspiring models:


Here you could find, many aspiring and established models together with photographers, stylists and make up artists who collaborate and create beautiful photography. The sites also offer you plenty of advice.

1) So, make sure you see the agency first and see what they tell you.
2) Try visiting several agencies as some prefer specific type of new faces.
3) Remember that all agencies have a section on their website allowing new models to get in touch with them.
4) Before you meet an agent make sure you have plenty of sleep and drink a lot of water to make sure your skin looks healthy and you do not look tired.
5) Be positive and have a great attitude! (that always helps:-))

Have a look around our blog, read though our Articles and Check the useful links section for more advise and information.

Do not hesitate to contact us at http://www.headshotlondon.co.uk  if you have any further questions.

Additionally have a look at our Fashion Photographers page

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Professional Modelling Photography Sessions Fashion Magazine Style (Headshot London Photography)

2 10 2008

Fashion Photographers

Fashion Photographers

(Site Tags: London fashion photographer, fashion photography, fashion photographer, London fashion photographers, modelling portfolios, professional fashion photographer, fashion and beauty photography)

Whether you are starting or updating your modelling portfolio or simply want to have a professional bespoke photo shoot for your online profile or your loved one, look no further.

We are one of the most popular photography businesses in London and offer all our clients the highest quality services where you have a range of photo shoot styles to choose from, i.e. reportage, look books, fashion, beauty and glamour.

Our Professional Fashion Photography Session consists of the following:

+ Pre-shoot consultation
+ Half day photographic session
+ 3-4 Looks
+ Make-up and Hair Styling
+ Clothes Styling
+ Personal online gallery after the photo shoot for preview
+ Free 5 hi resolution, retouched images included on the CD (worth £300)!
+ Images retouched to the highest quality:
-Spots/Blemishes removed
-Colour adjustments performed
-Nip-tuck (if requested)

+ Free CD!
+ Free recorded postage!
+ Any in Colour or Black & White
+ All images are hi resolution and ready for printing
+ Studio / Outdoors (Your choice)
+ Secure and easy on-line payments
+ All images from the session plus the retouched on CD sent to your home
+ Discounts available on the highest quality of:
-Multiple prints!
-Comp/Z-cards printing

For FAQs and Galleries please see Fashion Photographers page

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

London Photographers
Tel: 07940 444 641

Professional Photographic Services: Professional Headshots for Performers (Actors, Singers, Dancers, Extras, Entertainers), Modelling Portfolios, Professional Corporate Sessions, Product Shots, Events, Corporate, PR, Marketing, Advertising and Fashion Photography!

Headshot London Photography – Great quality for Business and Corporate Clients!

8 04 2008

Corporate Photographers

Corporate Photographers


We’d like to announce the launch of a dynamic and exciting new photography service – Headshot London Photography – http://www.headshotlondon.co.uk


The website benefits from a good guide on photographic shoots for everything from Actor’s and Actress’ ‘Spotlight’ headshots and Model portfolios for a fresh new career in Fashion to Corporate, PR and Business Photographic Services.


If you’re in the market for a good publicity shot, look no further. It does not matter if you require ‘serious business in action’ shoot or a more approachable style of ‘friendly business working for you’ kind of look, they can do it! These can be either environmental shoots or more formal less lifestyle looking, office based shots.


In addition to actually alive, living, breathing people, Headshot London Photography also offer one of the best pricing packages for ‘Product shots’ that may suit a corporate client. In fact, it seems if you can think of it, they’ll shoot it!


The Corporate Services Headshot London Photography provides are used for:


– Annual reports

– Corporate catalogues and advertising

– Company publications and websites

– Corporate PR

– Press Releases

– Online catalogue / shop / website

– Corporate brochures

– Mail Order Catalogues

– Marketing Literature and advertisements

– Product Packaging

– And more



Headshot London’s Corporate package consists of the following:


– Pre-shoot consultation

– 1 hour photographic session

– Up to 150 images taken

– You can see your pictures online within hours of your shoot using our cool new contact sheet viewer on our website!

– All images are retouched for colour balance

– All Hi resolution images ready for printing

– Colour or Black & White

– 100+ images on CD sent to your home

– Studio / preferred location / Outdoors

– Dress code (your choice)

– Make up (available on request)

– 3-4 Clothing changes in a session

– Secure and easy on-line payments!



For FAQs and Online Galleries please visit Corporate Photographers page



Contact London Photographers for more information and quotes


Corporate, PR, Commercial Photography Sessions in London

8 04 2008


Corporate Photographers

Corporate Photographers

(Site Tags: corporate PR photography, London press prelease photographer, professional corporate website photographer, corporate headshots London, corporate photography, corporate photographer, corporate London photographer, corporate portraits and headshots, commercial photographer, PR photographer, London photographer, professional photographer London, press release photography, annual reports photographer London)

Headshot London’s Professional Corporate Photography often used for: Annual reports, Corporate PR, Marketing materials, Press releases, Corporate catalogues, brochures and advertising, Company publications and websites.

We have supplied industries as diverse as TV, Drinks, Fashion, Law, Banking and many others besides. Through our work, we have been published in numerous publications including online.

Our Corporate Photography Session (min 2 people) consists of the following:

– Pre-shoot consultation
– Shooting at your Office, Location or our Studio
– 1 hour Photographic session (per 2 people)
– All images are retouched for colour balance
– All Hi resolution images ready for printing
– All images (100+) on CD sent to you within a few days or same day!
– Free postage to your business address
– Free CD
– Secure and easy on-line payments
– Professional Digital image retouching and Make-up (Available on request)

For FAQs and Galleries please visit our Corporate Photographers page

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and quotes.

Headshot London Photography
Tel: 07940444641

Professional Photographic Services: Professional Headshots for Performers (Actors, Singers, Dancers, Extras, Entertainers), Modelling Portfolios, Professional Corporate Sessions, Product Shots, Events, Corporate, PR, Marketing, Advertising and Fashion Photography!

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Professional Actors Headshots in London (Headshot London Photography)

1 04 2008
Actors Headshots

Actors Headshots

(Site tags: headshots in london, professional headshots, actors headshots london, spotlight headshots, headshot photography London, professional london headshot photographer, acting headshots, headshots in london, actors headshots, headshots photographers, headshot photography, professional headshots, london headshot photography, spotlight headshots, 10×8 headshots) _________________________________________________________________ Having over 10 years experience in the industry and to give you the best chance of a casting call back we know what casting directors look for. As first impressions count, with our headshots you’ll stand a better chance of success. Our Professional Actors Headshot Photography Session consists of the following: + Pre-shoot consultation + 1 hour photographic session + Up to 150 images taken in a session + Personal online gallery after the photo shoot for preview + Free 3 hi resolution, retouched images included on the CD (worth £90)! + Free CD! + Free recorded postage! + All Colour or Black & White + All Digital – 10 X 8 Spotlight size + All images are hi resolution and ready for printing + Studio / Outdoors (Your choice) + Make up (available on request) + 2-3 Clothing changes in a session + Secure and easy on-line payments + Discounts available on multiple prints + All 100+ images on CD sent to your home For FAQs and Galleries please see our Headshots Photography page Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. Headshot London Photography www.headshotlondon.co.uk Tel: 07940 444 641