Useful Links for Singers

31 10 2008

Useful Links for Singers:


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Useful Links for Dancers

31 10 2008

Useful Links for Dancers:

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Useful Links for Actors

31 10 2008

Useful Links for Actors:

For a list of Drama Schools:


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Useful Links for Modelling

31 10 2008

If you want to get into modelling, then check out these networking sites:

Here you can meet photographers that are updating their portfolios and need test shoots, apply for castings, participate in forums, get a lot of advise on how to start your career and on your work, and last but not the least also meet other members.

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Top UK Modelling Agencies – Commercial and Fashion

31 10 2008

Good FASHION Modelling Agencies in the UK:

COMMERCIAL Modelling Agencies in the UK: (new agency)

To be continued….

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Should They Kill a Dream?

31 10 2008

Fashion Photographers

Fashion Photographers


If you are an aspiring model, then read on and we hope that our advice will help you in the future.

We do not want to join the ranks of photographers who happily mislead young wannabe models by implying that they need a professional modelling portfolio before they go to an agency. Those portfolio shoots could cost between £600 and £2500, lining the pockets of photographers who prey on the uninformed.

Instead we advise:

First – If you are genuinely looking for a modelling agency, you only need a very simple picture of yourself. Most agencies will accept that if they are interested. All you need to do is take a simple shot professionally or using your own camera and submit it to the agencies of your choice. This is standard practice.

Second – Once an agency signs you — based on your very simple photograph, the agency will send you out to ‘test’ with their chosen photographers. This will create a portfolio and is standard practice. You therefore will build a portfolio of images free of charge. The photographers get new looks to shoot and you get a shot for the portfolio. It’s been like that for longer than you’ve wanted to be a model!

Our simple advice is to speak to an agency before you approach us or any other photographer. Be careful, look up the model advisory service for your country or area and above all, be realistic. Girls should be at least 5’7″ tall and size 8-10 and guys should be at least 6’ tall if you’re looking for a role in fashion. If you can’t find an agency to take you on, it might be that you are chasing a dream and spending more money on portfolios, will not help.

Useful websites for aspiring models:

Here you could find, many aspiring and established models together with photographers, stylists and make up artists who collaborate and create beautiful photography. The sites also offer you plenty of advice.

1) So, make sure you see the agency first and see what they tell you.
2) Try visiting several agencies as some prefer specific type of new faces.
3) Remember that all agencies have a section on their website allowing new models to get in touch with them.
4) Before you meet an agent make sure you have plenty of sleep and drink a lot of water to make sure your skin looks healthy and you do not look tired.
5) Be positive and have a great attitude! (that always helps:-))

Have a look around our blog, read though our Articles and Check the useful links section for more advise and information.

Do not hesitate to contact us at  if you have any further questions.

Additionally have a look at our Fashion Photographers page

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Professional Modelling Photography Sessions Fashion Magazine Style (Headshot London Photography)

2 10 2008

Fashion Photographers

Fashion Photographers

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Whether you are starting or updating your modelling portfolio or simply want to have a professional bespoke photo shoot for your online profile or your loved one, look no further.

We are one of the most popular photography businesses in London and offer all our clients the highest quality services where you have a range of photo shoot styles to choose from, i.e. reportage, look books, fashion, beauty and glamour.

Our Professional Fashion Photography Session consists of the following:

+ Pre-shoot consultation
+ Half day photographic session
+ 3-4 Looks
+ Make-up and Hair Styling
+ Clothes Styling
+ Personal online gallery after the photo shoot for preview
+ Free 5 hi resolution, retouched images included on the CD (worth £300)!
+ Images retouched to the highest quality:
-Spots/Blemishes removed
-Colour adjustments performed
-Nip-tuck (if requested)

+ Free CD!
+ Free recorded postage!
+ Any in Colour or Black & White
+ All images are hi resolution and ready for printing
+ Studio / Outdoors (Your choice)
+ Secure and easy on-line payments
+ All images from the session plus the retouched on CD sent to your home
+ Discounts available on the highest quality of:
-Multiple prints!
-Comp/Z-cards printing

For FAQs and Galleries please see Fashion Photographers page

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

London Photographers
Tel: 07940 444 641

Professional Photographic Services: Professional Headshots for Performers (Actors, Singers, Dancers, Extras, Entertainers), Modelling Portfolios, Professional Corporate Sessions, Product Shots, Events, Corporate, PR, Marketing, Advertising and Fashion Photography!