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8 04 2008

Corporate Photographers

Corporate Photographers


We’d like to announce the launch of a dynamic and exciting new photography service – Headshot London Photography – http://www.headshotlondon.co.uk


The website benefits from a good guide on photographic shoots for everything from Actor’s and Actress’ ‘Spotlight’ headshots and Model portfolios for a fresh new career in Fashion to Corporate, PR and Business Photographic Services.


If you’re in the market for a good publicity shot, look no further. It does not matter if you require ‘serious business in action’ shoot or a more approachable style of ‘friendly business working for you’ kind of look, they can do it! These can be either environmental shoots or more formal less lifestyle looking, office based shots.


In addition to actually alive, living, breathing people, Headshot London Photography also offer one of the best pricing packages for ‘Product shots’ that may suit a corporate client. In fact, it seems if you can think of it, they’ll shoot it!


The Corporate Services Headshot London Photography provides are used for:


– Annual reports

– Corporate catalogues and advertising

– Company publications and websites

– Corporate PR

– Press Releases

– Online catalogue / shop / website

– Corporate brochures

– Mail Order Catalogues

– Marketing Literature and advertisements

– Product Packaging

– And more



Headshot London’s Corporate package consists of the following:


– Pre-shoot consultation

– 1 hour photographic session

– Up to 150 images taken

– You can see your pictures online within hours of your shoot using our cool new contact sheet viewer on our website!

– All images are retouched for colour balance

– All Hi resolution images ready for printing

– Colour or Black & White

– 100+ images on CD sent to your home

– Studio / preferred location / Outdoors

– Dress code (your choice)

– Make up (available on request)

– 3-4 Clothing changes in a session

– Secure and easy on-line payments!



For FAQs and Online Galleries please visit Corporate Photographers page



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